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FREDDIE McGREGOR - Sings Jamcaican Classics (Deluxe Edition)

FREDDIE McGREGOR - Sings Jamcaican Classics (Deluxe Edition)
Esta edición deluxe de "Freddie McGregor Sings Jamaican Classics" de 2008, es la recopilación en un solo disco de los tres volúmenes con el mismo nombre editados originalmente entre 1990 y 1996, en los que Freddie McGregor reversiona clásicos de la música de Jamaica.

CD 1
01 Artibella
02 Dance Crasher
03 I've Got To Go Back Home
04 Take It Easy
05 Breaking Up
06 Conquer Me
07 How Can I Forget
08 I Was Born A Winner
09 Joy In The Morning
10 Let Him Try
11 Nice Time
12 Red Rose
13 You Dont Need Me
14 You're Gonna Lose
15 You've Caught Me Baby
16 Come On Little Girl
17 Every Day Is Just A Holiday
18 Everything Crash
19 Falling In Love With You

CD 2
01 Give Me The Right
02 Let Them Say
03 Little Nut Tree
04 Moving Away
05 Mr. Fix It
06 Nanny Goat
07 Undying Love
08 Watch This Sound
09 Can I Change My Mind
10 Danger In Your Eyes
11 Declaration Of Rights
12 Satta
13 Sweet Talking
14 Hooligan
15 Stranger In Love
16 My Jamaican Girl
17 Beat Down Babylon
18 Curly Locks
19 Love Has Found Its Way

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